Sales Support Tool

How about applying sales support AR which can easily tell the products’ goodness visually to your business? The explanation quality of products differs between salesman’s skills. In that cases, sales support tools can make the explanation quality differences smaller.

For example, in the case of explaining apartments’ building method, hold a tablet device to the wall to display earthquake absorb system and explain the movement during the earthquake easily by movie. If sales supported tool AR is effectively used, the quality of explanation can be small.
As other examples, a sales man of printer can put a marker at customers office and view it with ARAPPLI. Then the real size printer appears and customers can easily see how it looks as result. At housing exhibitions, it is possible to display the stored furniture and baggage takes how much spaces if not stored. As written, in various scenes, ARAPPLI is used for the sales support tool.

The Flow to Use ARAPPLI