Use AR in digital signage! ARAPPLI SIGNAGE

Deliver the surprising AR experience of ARAPPLI in digital signage!

ARRAPLI SIGNAGE is not just any digital signage that displays videos and information. It is a new digital signage with interactive feature that only AR (Argument Reality) can deliver.
The camera attached to the signage detects the movement or the presence of people and automatically shows relevant AR contents. The sensor can be set to detect people approaching or to detect multiple areas. Different contents can be assigned to appear for each of the multiple detection areas. It is a "signage which gives people a surprising AR experience" that only ARAPPLI can deliver. ARAPPLI SIGNAGE will open the door to a whole new digital signage.


1 - Being a signage system with interactive feature, it can play the role as a customer attraction at events.

ARAPPLI SIGNAGE is not a signage system that displays only videos. It is equipped with AR mode which enables to show AR contents overlaid on the real world using the attached cameras. For example, it can be utilized in interactive events such as taking picture with a character appearing as AR contents. It can be used in various sizes of events, from small sized event using PC monitors to a bigger event using electronic billboards.

2 - Unlike the conventional signage where it was only one way communication, this signage provides interactive communication which can only be made possible by AR.

It is equipped with AR mode which overlays AR contents on top of real world captured by the camera. When the camera detects people, the video stops and changes to the image captured through the camera. Then the AR contents automatically appears overlaid to the image. Moving object detection can be set to detect multiple areas, so it is possible to change contents by assigning different contents to each detection areas. Composition background can be configured if you use green screen.

3 - There are DS (Digital Signage) mode, AR signage mode and Camera AR mode.

In AR signage mode, the signage will operate as normal digital signage and display video until it detects people which after it immediately show AR contents overlaid on the video. It can also be switched to AR mode in which the video stops after detecting people and image captured through camera will be played instead.

Video can be played like normal digital signage. It is equipped with subtitle function, delivery schedule management, and delivery rate management.

AR contents will appear overlaid on the video being played when someone comes into the detection area.

The video will stop once someone comes into the detection area and switches to show the image captured by the camera. AR contents will appear overlaid on the image captured by the camera.

4 - In digital signage mode, it can link with existing digital signage network.

Not only AR mode, but normal DS (Digital Signage) mode is also equipped.
User can choose to use one fixed mode, or to use automatic mode switching. The video data to be played under DS mode can be linked with existing digital signage network. Delivering of video data such as copying directly on the network or folder synchronization using cloud service can be done easily.

5 - Simple system installation makes it easy to set up and operate.

ARAPPLI SIGNAGE can be used easily by connecting HDMI compatible display unit (electronic billboards, liquid crystal TVs, and projectors) to 2 cameras set up in place, main camera and detecting camera. Moving object detection or manual key board operation can be used to switching display to show contents. Complex shaped detection area can be set by inputting outline.