ARAPPLI is proposing the surprise marketing which aims for spreading with buzz from emotions like “Fun” and “Exciting”. We will provide the best support from the experiences of more than 100 cases.

A technology, AR, plus the visual surprise on to real world. “Surprise Marketing”, which ARAPPLI proposes, is the emotion driven marketing and promotions by using peoples “Surprise” as a trigger. Not only displaying and playing AR as if it exists there, but also ARAPPLI is possible to capture a “Surprise Image”, the AR with the real world camera image. The posting of the image to “twitter” and “Facebook” is also in ARAPPLI, so the buzz effect through communities and promptness is absolutely different. Moreover, AR playing display also can have URL links to websites. Since the “Surprise” is used as a trigger, it is expected to have the increased click probability to promotion websites and commerce sites for more sales.

The Flow to Use ARAPPLI