Is it possible to use images instead of AR markers to display AR?
It is not supported right now, but the development will finish in this winter. If there are any promotions after winter, please contact us.
Can contents be viewed without using AR marker?
No. Once the content is downloaded, the content can be saved to content folder and play it anytime anywhere. * It is also possible to set the content not to able to save.
Is it possible to make contents not to be saved because of the right of publicity?
Yes. You can choose the contents are saved or not saved in the devices.
Is it possible to set a period which contents can be viewed?
Yes. The server rental fee costs every month, but the contents’ period can be set daily, so we can support even one day promotions.
Is it possible to put sounds on AR contents?
Is it possible to create contents by ourselves?
It is depend on movies’ quality, but the recommended length is from 15 to 20 seconds.
Is it possible to create contents by ourselves?
There is no problem with creating 3DCGs and 2D contents at customers’ side. We export the given data as ARs. *In that case, there is no fee for creating contents.
What is supported devices?
Please look at the link here. The all tested devices are the only devices sold in Japan. There may be the cases the devices would not work in other countries.
Is it possible to change contents every week?
Yes. It is possible to change contents on a specific date. However, the contents are changed by our staff’s hand (there is no automatic way) right now, so it is not possible to change contents on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Also, the timing and number of changing times are discussed and decided before the promotions start.
Is it possible to display multiple contents randomly with one marker?
Yes. Please tell us the number of contents and the probabilities of each content.