The Solution is in the emotion, “Surprise”!! With surprise marketing, your business matter can be solved.

Since the similar products and services are flooded with oversupply, it is very difficult to get attentions from customers. This is the same for marketing and promotions. Originality and unpredictability which surprise people’s eyes and ears.
“Great!” “Fun” “What is it!?” These feelings induce customers to tell somebody. By taking in the feelings to the marketing, customers’ consumption and viral effect become higher. How about starting solutions with surprise marketing which ARAPPLI proposes.

Differences of banner clicks on ARAPPLI and smartphones

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Enriched marketing features can be used with just easy settings of contents!

Work With 3 SNSs

ARAPPLI can easily post AR pictures on to SNS. 3 SNSs, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “mixi” are supported.
If the camera button which appears while playing AR is pressed, the posting selections appear, so only one button is needed to post.
*camera button can be removed according to the content.

A Banner and URLs Settings

URL links to webpages are possible by setting a “Go To Web” button on the left above corner or a banner at the bottom while playing AR contents. For example, users can be redirected to a EC website to buy products from websites, or a facebook page to get more “Like”. These are two of many examples of getting various effects. The ON and OFF settings can also be easily changed.

Contents’ settings can be changed freely

There are options for saving the content to the smartphone or not. Moreover, the content appearances can be changed by periods. These features make us adapt to various AR promotions in various scenes.

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Published by NHN Japan Corp.
Copyright (c) EYEDENTITY GAMES Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ARAPPLI’s viral effects

ARAPPLI’s chat function not only can enjoy, but also send ARs, so it is expected to have more viral effects.