ARAPPLI is an AR platform service which had done the most AR cases in Japan using smartphones effectively.

ARAPPLI is an AR platform service which contents are managed on the cloud server. From customers who have done AR promotions, we got a lot of helps and, now, we have more than 100 AR promotion cases in a year.
Based on these experiences, we will give the best support from planning AR promotions.

* As of September 2012

About the newest technology and the top creative which ARAPPLI is accommodated with.

ARAPPLI is developed with the professor of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Hirokazu Kato, who is called the parent of AR.
The technology researched in University is applied promptly to ARAPPLI.

We have contracted with DHE Corporation which owns superior creators from Digital Hollywood.
In addition to the forefront AR technology,
we seek for CG quality and ask top
creators to create the contents.

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ARAPPLI’s Advantages

Surprise Marketing

ARAPPLI is proposing the surprise marketing which aims for spreading with buzz from emotions like “Fun” and “Exciting”.

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Add Value to Existing Products

ARAPPLI is helping product development such as AR name card and AR Message Cards.
If ideas for adding value to the existing products are needed, please contact us.

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Simulation for Product Placement

How about applying sales support AR which can easily tell the products’ goodness visually to your business?
The explanation quality of products differs between salesman’s skills.
In that cases, sales support tools can make the explanation quality differences smaller.

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Comparison to Other Products

Special Functions only in ARAPPLI

Stamp Rally

“Stamp Rally” is an event which people collect stamps at a specific place such as a city or a tourist spot.
The event which people in all ages absorbed in can be delivered using AR.
By placing multiple QRARs at one place, a person who have completed all contents only can view a banner to a website or a special content.

AR Maker

ARMaker enables everyone to create an original AR.
By selecting existing frames and then capturing a short movie, an AR can be created automatically.
It is possible to print AR marker on message cards and create original products.

Chat Function

ARAPPLI’s chat function not only can enjoy,
but also send ARs, so it is expected to have more viral effects.